Charles Ray, Untitled, 1973, black and white photograph, 27 x 40”.

Aleister Crowley

Soviet soldiers examine war trophies captured in battles with invading Germans during “Operation Barbarossa”, 19 September 1941.

The Article That Told the World About the Holocaust
“There are some things so horrible that decent men and women find them impossible to believe, so monstrous that the civilized world recoils incredulous before them. The recent reports of the systematic extermination of the Jews in Nazi Europe are of this order.”

Portrait of a communist Yugoslav Resistance fighter of the National Liberation Army and Partisan Detachments of Yugoslavia at an Allied base in Italy being trained by the British Royal Air Force. He carries a belt of 20 mm caliber cannon shells over his shoulders. Allied American and British forces trained numerous male and female partisans from Yugoslavia in Allied-held parts of Italy, Malta, and islands in the Adriatic Sea in preparation for the final assault on German occupying forces in Yugoslavia. Carovigno, Province of Brindisi, Apulia, Italy. Summer 1944.

- Paranoia Star || ★

Giant sequoia felled. Tulare County, California.

You were nothing but wasted time and effort. I hate that I gave into you.

I wish you had never entered my life the way you did when you were back for such a short period of time. I fell for you and you let me fall for you. Now you won’t even speak to me, how childish. Why? I have no clue. I’m not a mind reader but all you’ve done is shown me what kind of person you really are. I hate how many tears and all the hope I wasted on you. I’m going to continue on with my life, but know that you royally destroyed your chances in any way, shape or form with me. It could have been a nice ride.